API documentation

nwn.nwscript.constants NWScript builtin constants
nwn.nwscript.extensions Useful functions that are not part of nwscript
nwn.nwscript.functions NWScript functions and types implemented in D
nwn.nwscript.resources Resource management required by certain NWScript functions
nwn.trn.genericmesh Generic 3d mesh representation
nwn.trn.trn Terrain (trn, trx)
nwn.biowaredb Bioware campaign database (Foxpro db)
nwn.constants NWN constants (not nwscript builtin constants)
nwn.dds DirectDraw Surfaces (DDS files)
nwn.erf ERF file format (erf, hak, mod, ...)
nwn.fastgff Faster and more memory efficient GFF file reading without writing support
nwn.gff Generic File Format (gff)
nwn.mdb MDB file parsing
nwn.nwnserver Query the nwn2 server
nwn.nwscript Imports everything from nwn.nwscript
nwn.tlk TalkTable (tlk)
nwn.trn Terrain (trn, trx)
nwn.twoda Two Dimentional Array (2da)
nwn.ver nwn-lib-d version
nwnlibd.bitmap DirectDraw Surfaces (DDS files)
nwnlibd.orderedaa Ordered Associative Array
nwnlibd.orderedjson JavaScript Object Notation
nwnlibd.parseutils Internal parsing tools
nwnlibd.path Case insensitive path functions
nwn Imports everything needed to work on NWN files